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Does your child enjoy solving challenging math problems with other students his or her age?

Are you looking for a stimulating and fun summer enrichment experience to engage and foster your child's love of mathematical challenge?

At the DC Summer Math Institute, a cohort of talented middle school students is given the opportunity to explore fascinating topics in mathematics and computer programming for two weeks under the expert guidance of experienced and passionate educators.  

Every summer, the DC Summer Math Institute sponsors full-ride scholarships for students attending DC Public Schools. This video shares the perspective of one such scholarship winner both during her time at the Institute and years later as a student at Sidwell Friends School, where she was accepted as a 9th grader after having completed two summers at the Institute.

Interested in learning more about why the kids in these photos are smiling?  Come explore our website to find out what the DC Summer Math Institute has to offer your child......

 The 2019 DC Summer Math Institute will take place from July 8th-July 19th, 2019, Monday through Friday, from 1 pm - 5pm on the Sidwell Friends Wisconsin Ave Campus. 

NOTE: The DC Summer Math Institute is currently full and all scholarships have been awarded. Registration for the summer of 2020 will open in January of 2020.


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